Lesser of Evils or Paleo-ish On The Go

16 Sep

How do we survive family functions or potlucks and stay paleo-ish? I play the lesser of evils game and I’m sure my standards are different than yours!

We attended a family reunion yesterday for which everyone brought a dish. Luckily it was an occasion where they grilled burgers and brats rather than having deli sandwiches delivered. I make exceptions when given limited options.

I made a burger salad using the toppings including pickles, tomato, onion, green bell peppers, black olives, mustard, and a little ketchup. I also decided that coleslaw with watery dressing, although I’m sure sugar was added, was more paleo than Mac and cheese. And although white potatoes aren’t paleo and are nutritionally void, I did have some potato salad which I’m sure was made with soybean oil based mayo. In my opinion, only a slightly better choice than four bean salad. My sister, who occasionally rolls her eyes in irritation at my “paleo conscious-ness,” said “your plate looks better than mine.” I know she is also health conscious, but she sometimes thinks paleo goes too far when I come over for dinner and can’t eat anything they’ve made :). I think that speaks more for how skewed our idea of “healthy” is.

Anyway, back to the potluck… I passed by the dessert table, gasp, and the most appetizing thing was a batch of pumpkin muffins so I cut a quarter of one for myself. I was happy to find that although the frosting was good, the muffin had little flavor in comparison with the paleo version. The other two desserts I sampled micro bites of were ginger snaps for which my friend Amanda has a better paleo recipe, and an oatmeal based peanut butter and chocolate thing for which I hope to recreate a paleo recipe soon.

Every day my paleo preferences are reaffirmed and it feels good to know I’m not missing much.


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