Sugar Detox: day two

2 Nov

So I realize as this is my first challenge I need to be more reasonable with my expectations 🙂 My brain feels a little dried up and I’m having a hard time eating enough vegetables to stay even close to zone. I’m going to add a serving or less of berries with breakfast so I can feel good enough to make it through a WOD. Today is rope climbs. The other benefit of adding berries is I can try out the chia seeds I bought! If you recall the guidelines our recommendation for level one detoxers is a serving of citrus or berries. photos to follow…

Also, I stopped at Whole Foods yesterday and bout two 3 pound beef roasts and two 3 pound pork shoulders on sale! They also had chicken breast on sale $5 a pound. On sale at Jewel is about $2 per pound for chicken and $2.99/lb for beef and pork roasts. At any quality I like to get the best deal so if Jewel is going to charge $5/lb I might as well go to WF.








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