Sugar Detox: day 9

9 Nov

So I’ve had a headache the entire challenge. The advice was drink lots of water and remember that it will pass. I have only made it through one workout since I started. I’m what you call a serious sugar burner 🙂 After some discussion with my fellow crossfitters I think it’s time to add a few things back so I can get this show back on the road. I can’t keep going to bed at 7:30, ha ha.

Also when the leader of the pack said if the temporary discomfort is too much go back to what you were doing, which i think was supposed to be some sort of reverse psychology. All it made me realize is that I had planned to go back to my previous diet afterward and I’m not looking to change my life. I’m just competitive and liked the word “challenge.”

We were out and about today so nothing too interesting

Breakfast: coconut pancakes with applesauce, eggs, chicken sausage

Snack: boiled eggs and nut butter, sweet potato chips

Lunch: pork shoulder, salsa, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots

Dinner/snack: avocado, pork, root veggie chips, tangerine, 1/2 cheese stick


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