WOD Against Hunger

28 Jan

We’ve been working on building our CrossFit member community through events at our home box and I proposed a fundraiser/food drive for the local food pantry. The event was $20 or the food equivalent and the workout was as follows:

8 rounds in teams of 4

1000 meter relays (250 each person)

AMRAP ground to overhead 75/55#

Between rowing cycles, one cycle of rest, one of ground to overhead lifing, and a cycle of rest. Cycles were equivalent to the time it took your rowing team member to complete 250 meters. It took most teams between 32 and 35 minutes and we gave points for lifts. Two points for snactches, and one point for clean and jerks. Each point was rewarded with a second off your teams final time. Everyone said they had a great time and we had 5 teams from our box and a team of athletes from Phenomenal CrossFit. It was a great turnout and we may have to make it an annual event! We of course encouraged everyone to bring paleo items like tuna, canned vegetables, and fruit. I also reminded everyone that many items sitting in their pantry may not be paleo and this was the perfect opportunity to purge noodles, rice, beans, peanut butter, etc.

Here’s a picture of my beautiful box at The Foundry AKA Printer’s Row CrossFit. Hey team! And there’s my hubs, Coach Brad at the far left, briefing the athletes on the details.



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