Illness and Remedies

24 Feb

I don’t know why I haven’t thought to share this before, but it occurred to me today. Would you like to kill those nasty bacteria? Would you like to feel better faster? Are you willing to try something new? Great!

Apple cider vinegar and honey. Acid kills bacteria. Boom!


Version One:

1 cup boiling water
2 heaping tablespoons of honey (honey is acidic)
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
optionally a green tea bag
optionally a few squirts of lemon juice (yes, more acid)

Version Two:

1 cup hot apple juice
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 heaping Tablespoon of honey
1/2 tsp lemon juice
sprinkles of cinnamon and allspice

I know, I know. That sounds gross. Well, it’s not the best thing in the world, but if you are really sick, you probably won’t taste much of it anyway. We’ve been drinking this since I was a kid and it works! I told my Mother the other day that I was sick and she said, try some honey and vinegar, as if I didn’t spend almost 30 years under her guidance and would have forgotten the brilliance of these remedies 🙂

Gargle salt water AND use a neti pot. I gargle hot water with salt three times a day and use a neti pot when I’m sick. Salt also kills bacteria by drying it out. I had strep three times one year. By the time I got to the doctor’s office the third time I had strep I had already been gargling salt water that morning and she couldn’t detect any streptococcus virus when she did the swab. Do you know what that makes me? A winner.

Chicken soup. Yes, it’s true. Chicken soup really does help you get better faster, but probably only if it’s homemade. When ever I make one of my delicious roast chickens I always save the bones and the tasty drippings from the pan and I boil them in water to make a broth which I then store in the freezer for the next time I get sick. The other thing that helps you feel better would obviously be vitamin packed vegetables. When you make your soup add lots of vegetables!

Humidifier shumidifier. When our baby was sick we went out to Walgreens and bought a $30 humidifier and a $10 bottle of eucalyptus. That stupid humidifier stops working when it’s halfway empty and spits out streams of water if you fill it to the top. This leaves me running around refilling it to 3/4 full and monitoring it when it gets to 1/2 full and refilling it just a little again. This seems like a huge waste of my time, so I decided to just get a huge pot and boil some water on the stove. Much more water gets into the air this way! Just be careful not to use a good pot, or to wash it every now and then because when you keep adding water you are also adding more minerals and salts from the tap and you will end up with a layer of crust on the bottom of your pot. Even if you use filtered water from a Brita.


Vicks. I have always loved it and i always will.


EmergenC. Or any additional vitamin C, really. DO NOT give this to kids. It won’t make them throw up, but it will make them… the other thing.



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